Anonymous asked:

Is it rape if both the man and the women are equally drunk?

southern-feminism answered:

Technically, yes, they are sexually assaulting each other but cannot fairly charge one another. If they’re both inebriated neither can give consent. But people should stop this from happening.

I think it has a lot to do with who is initiating the sex? I’m not sure though, cause there are many scenarios.









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Or are men just going to cringe and whine about having to get one shot in their weenie?

Pretty sure male contraception would definitely lower abortion rates.  If both partners are protected, how likely do you think an accidental pregnancy will occur?  (In my experience, very few men would choose a condom over nothing, if they know their lover is protected.)

Friendly reminder: Women have gone through remembering to take a pill, daily; shots every three months; having an IUD shoved up their vagina; having an implant stuck under their skin; using a patch in order to keep their ability to conceive under rein.  And if that fails they either suffer pregnancy, miscarriage, or choose the highly stigmatized abortion.

indeed there is ZERO reason that the sex with internal gonads need be the ones to get sterilized. RISUG is even reversible.

"Or are men just going to cringe and whine about having to get one shot in their weenie?"

Oh fuck off, I knew I was gonna roll my eyes at this. How about we give all women a shot in their labia and see how many want to use that birth control meat his, shall we?

Let’s see what designated females at birth have for birth control options: 

  • IUDs
  • Shots (Mine had to be in the front, near the bone; hurt like hell)
  • Implants
  • Pills (which screw up our hormones)
  • Patches (which screw up our hormones) 
  • Female condoms (which can be put up for up to eight hours.) 
  • Cervical Cap
  • Sponge
  • Diaphragm. 

Those designated males at birth have: 

  • Condoms

Okie doke.  Yeah. DFABs totally don’t have any painful options, at all!  The thing is DFABs weigh the costs and benefit against the momentary pain.  Perhaps DMABs need to do the same.

Secondly, instead of just a single video, if you did your research, you’d know why this has even under development for over 30 years, it’s because the “reversible” part isn’t a 100% accurate. It could actively sterilize a man.

The post is meant to get awareness of RISUG, or Vasalgel.  The more awareness, the more likely it is to get it on the market for everyone.

We need to push the clinical studies, get people aware and involved, so this potential contraceptive is not lost.  

And while a male birth control is a long time coming, stop acting like Mother Nature is somehow conspiring with the patriarchy. It’s a lot easier to alter a woman’s biology to prevent pregnancy than it is a mans, at least without completely fucking up his hormone levels.

DFABs get their hormone levels fucked all the time thanks to birth control. 

Women are not big fucking Herod for taking birth control pills every day (and it’s especially funny that this is made into SUCH A BIG DEAL, considering all of the other health benefits that come with the pill), or getting an IUD, or braving a shot (in the arm) every 4 months. Take your victim complex and shove it.

The responsibility is left on DFABs to take birth control - because condoms aren’t as reliable as DFAB birth control - and, then, if unplanned pregnancy happens, people swarm on the person for wanting an abortion or to be a parent, “What about your partner?  Haven’t you spoken to them about it?”  

When it’s made clear their partner has no say, then MRAs bitch that “women have too many options; they can opt out of parenthood, but what about us poor boys!”

I never see anyone, who complains about “men not having an opt out” for parenthood pushing for male contraception.  Instead, they decide to vilify pregnant people, because “all the good birth control” is for DFABs.  With this link, I presented a starting point for a better male contraceptive.

Take your bullshit, and inability to fathom momentary pain for years of sexual protection, and swallow it.

oh boo hoo, DMAB people might have to deal with their hormones being out of whack from birth control! Q.Q it’s not like any DFAB person who takes hormonal BC has to deal with that already or anything!

^YES. Lol for real tho, this dude hahahahahahahaha

So often, misogynist and otherwise bigoted men sit there and brag about men being stronger and superior and then become total pansies when they have to deal ONCE with something that women deal with every fucking month.

Totally agreed.